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Top 11 Secrets Behind Why Disneyland is Better than Disney

Let’s get a clearance on the age-old battle between Disneyland and Disney World.

The continuous battle between the fantasy parks- Disneyland and Disney World is nothing new for Disney fans. Besides, the superior brands of magic features everybody’s favorite characters and rides that can make any kid or adult go Gaga over this dream destination.

And I bet that if you are here then you are already somebody who is completely in love with the world of Disney and its fabulous characters.

However, fans also have noticed the never ending battle between the two fantasy worlds.

So, finally we are here to settle this debate for once and all.

Let’s take a dive into the best reasons why Disneyland is Always Better than Disney World.

1. The Original is Always Better

Original is Always Better

Disneyland is the original fantasy world, and no matter how big Disneyworld gets. The original is always said to be better.
Besides Disneyland earns its name to be the best and gets the advantage forever for being the first. To live the legacy of real fantasy world come visit Disneyland.

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2. Its good news for Pirates of the Caribbean Fans

Pirates of the Caribbean Fans

If you are confused between the two then, know that both Disneyland and Disney World have Pirates of the Caribbean rides. But the one in Disneyland is way more in-depth with two drops in comparison to the Disney World. With more special features and additional highlights Disneyland for sure wins this part of the debate.


3. The Spooky Vibes are Way Better in Disneyland

Better Way in Disneyland

The Haunted Mansion – An interesting ride that takes you through a home filled with ghosts and spooky vibes. But it is only Disneyland which gives their spooky house an interesting makeover during the holiday season which is call the – Haunted Mansion Holiday.

These makeovers are done on both Halloween and Christmas. So, now you exactly know when to visit Disneyland.


4. The Great Difference in Weather – Disneyland is Always Perfect in Terms of Weather

Great Difference in Weather

If you visit Disneyland then you will need to go to Anaheim, CA where the temperature is mostly moderate and weather remains perfect in terms of walkability.

Whereas at the Disney World in Orlando, FL, the temperature is a bit higher and you may face an issue while exploring the fantasy world during the daytime.


5. Get a Better Character Experience at Disneyland

Better Character Experience at Disneyland

One of the joys that you can only have in Disneyland is getting to meet some of your most favorite characters from your childhood. The west coast of Disneyland is where you will get the chance to see most of these characters roaming around freely and you can even capture a picture as a token of memory for yourself.

There is always a fixed time to meet these characters, but the lines for meet and greet are usually shorter in Disneyland.


6. The Famous California Screaming Coaster is Housed in Disneyland

Famous California Screaming Coaster is Housed in Disneyland

The Disney parks are mostly famous for their rides and this specific world-famous roller coaster is only the advantage for Disneyland. If you are an adventure freak looking for a great adrenaline rush, then grab a seat and hold on tightly to enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life.


7. Tickets for Disneyland are Cheaper than Disney World

Disneyland are Cheaper than Disney World

We know that price shouldn’t be a factor in determining which park is better but it is always good to know that the best fantasy park can be explored at even an affordable budget.

When compared a typical one-day tour at Disney World costs around $115 and the one in Disneyland costs around $110. With a huge drop you can also avail a Disneyland ticket at only $97.


Amazing, Right?


8. One Day is enough to see the Whole of Disneyland

see the Whole of Disneyland

For people who are continuously running after time, this point is a plus for you. If you cannot manage a two-day trip to explore a fantasy park, then Disneyland definitely suits your needs. Disneyland only has two parks-
–    The Original Disneyland
–    Disney’s California Adventure

You can explore both of these parks in depth in only a day without the worry of missing out on anything.


9. Churros everywhere are a Plus at Disneyland

Churros everywhere are a Plus at Disneyland

Thumbs up to Disneyland for thinking about our quick hunger bangs. There are atleast 13 different Churros cart located in Disneyland so that you can munch and linger your taste buds in delicious cinnamon dusted dough. Also, you can dig into some of the most delicious pastries of all times.


10.  Summers are better at the Splash Mountain at Disneyland

Splash Mountain at Disneyland

Cool yourself by getting a fresh splash of water by taking a ride at the Splash Mountain. However, the ride at Disneyland is a little splashier at the Splash Mountain in Disneyland.


11. Only Disneyland has the ‘Indiana Jones’ Ride

Disneyland has the ‘Indiana Jones’ Ride

At Disneyland you can experience an actual ride where you can climb into a disheveled jeep, transverse a rickety bridge, and also encounter venomous snakes and hopefully avoid getting hit by a giant boulder.

This part of Disneyland action is something that you truly need to experience before your old age hits you.

So What Are You Waiting For?


Give wings to your childhood dream by visiting Disneyland today.

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