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6 Astonishing Reasons that will make you Fall in Love with Tokyo 

Tokyo is one of the finest destinations in the world that has the magical ability to make any person fall in love with this place. This ‘never sleeping city’ is one of the most favourite destinations for nightlife lovers. We are totally in love with the city’s Michelin Starred Restaurants that wouldn’t cost the earth and obviously how can we not adore the beauty of the landmarks here that stand tall with such beauty and sparkle.

If I were to be in Tokyo then I would savor its long list of cocktails and finely made beer. And this is not the only reason to love this city, but also the adorable city parks with extreme greenery to the magnificent fireworks lighting up the skyline and of course the several other heavens that sincerely lay in Tokyo has played its role in making the city more loved and admirable.

Let me give you the Top 6 Reasons that will make you settle in Tokyo

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1. The Best-Ever Themed Restaurants and Cute Cafes

Restaurants and Cute Cafes

The very first thing that comes into our mind with the name of Tokyo is how cute and uniquely themed the restaurants are over this city. The themes of the restaurants can be anything from – generic to abstract to themes that are completely based on popular characters.

The one that tops on our list is the Kawaii Monster Cafe and The Lockup.

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2. Vending Machines Everywhere

Vending Machines

Isn’t it cool if you get to grab refreshments whenever you feel like? Yes, then get excited because this is what Tokyo offers you. Vending machines can be found anywhere from busy streets, small alleys and train stations and other strange places.

So in case you need to fulfil your thirst then do look for a vending machine near you. I bet that you will find one in just a sight!

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3. Believe it or not, but Tokyo has 24 hour Shopping

Tokyo has 24 hour Shopping

Can’t sleep? Great, because you can literally step out at any time of the day and splurge your money into some quality shopping. You will find mega stores to local departmental stores and some extremely unique all-night florist that remains open to service you at all times.

Try these spots for a full-night shopping

  • Don Quijote
  • Seijo Ishii
  • Lynx

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4. Tokyo has the Liveliest Alleyways

Liveliest Alleyways

Do you also imagine alleyways to be dull and scary?

Tokyo has its spin on everything and just like that this city has managed to create some of the liveliest alleyways that is filled with lively bars and awesome restaurants.

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5. Robots are an Easy Sight Here!

Robots are an Easy Sight

Are you a techno freak who has always dreamt about viewing robots in real life? Yes, great because Tokyo is the most ideal place to fulfil your dream because here robots are literally everywhere. These cyborgs work at cafes, informational desks, and put up daily shows for your entertainment.

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6. The Baths here are Literal Spas at a Budget

Literal Spas at a Budget

Who on earth wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of a spa? Spas are proven to relax and make us happy from the core. Hop into a hot spa are one of the public baths in Tokyo and enjoy a treatment that’s even better than some of the other spas that you have tried before in life.

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