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Top 7 Iconic Game of Thrones Locations to Visit in Real Life

Are you a fanatic of the Game of Thrones world?

This crazy world for Game of Thrones feels like a whirlwind of love, war and the ultimate journey to the Iron Throne. It isn’t surprising to see that why fans are so deeply attached to the most-watched TV Series of all times- GAME OF THRONES.

I can’t help but simply get amazed by the iconic destinations that the GOT team has chosen to film their incredible episodes for the series. Wow, don’t you wish to just visit these locations once in a lifetime, and see what they actually look like in the real life?

Hold on, maybe this blog can fulfil your dream. Here are some of the coolest locations where the most famous TV series was filmed.

TOP 10 Mind-Blowing Spots to Visit If you are a GOT Fanatic

Damn!!!! Let’s Get Started

1. Winterfell at the Stangford OF Northern Ireland

Winterfell at the Stangford OF Northern Ireland

This is the very first locations that we see in the show. The gorgeous exterior Winterfell castle scenes has been shot at the Castle Ward in the town of Stangford in Northern Ireland. Most of the scenes were original but some were artificially built with special effects to enhance the scenario. So do not get scared if the locations seems to be missing something.


2. Dragonstone at Zumaia of Spain

Dragonstone at Zumaia of Spain

For fans of Khaleesi and her dragons, you can now visit the place of the birth of their magic- Dragonstone. The scenes of Dragonstone were shot at the Downhill Strand in County Denny, Ireland. And the incredible beach scenes were shot at the Itzurun Beach in Zumaia.

These locations are sheer beauty and I do not think that a GOT can resist to get the chilling dragon vibes here.

3. The Stairs of the Dragonstone, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe of Spain

Stairs of the Dragonstone, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe of Spain

Don’t you think that the stairs of the Dragonstone scenes are one of the most iconically shot scenes in GOT. This is the exact place where Jon Snow first happened to witness the mighty Dragons.

This steep staircase is located in the beauty of Gaztelugatxe in Spain’s Basque Country.

4. The Iconic King Landing shot at the Dubrovnik, Croatia

Iconic King Landing shot at the Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the most shown locations of importance in GOT was definitely the King’s Landing. Most of the incredible scenes in the show happened in the King’s Landing.

King’s Landing scenes were shot in Dubrovnik in Croatia. This destination earned a lot of fame after the season ended. If you always wanted to see King’s landing in real life, then come the beauty of Dubrovnik awaits you.

5. GOT’s beyond the Wall shot in Vatnajokull, Ireland

Vatnajokull, Ireland

This spot is known to be the home to Europe second largest glacier. Most of the scenes related to the Night Walkers are filmed here and people watching the show only got amazed by how incredible the scenes looked in the show. However, there isn’t much difference in the reality either, except for the part that it’s eerie in GOT and beautiful and pristine in reality.

6. Get a sneak peek at the HighGarden from GOT at Castillo de Almodovar Del Rio, Spain

GOT at Castillo de Almodovar Del Rio, Spain

The HighGarden is known be the weathiest estate in the entire of Westeros. If you ever wondered what it would be like to see HighGarden, then we have good news for you.

The scenes of HighGarden were shot at the Castillo de Almodovar Del Rio in Spain, and it is open for the public to visit and admire at any time.

7. The King’s Road filmed at the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

King’s Road filmed at the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

Would you believe that this spot is perfect to snap the most beautiful picture?

This path is known for its mesmerizingly lined up Beech trees that form a beautiful canopy overhead. Also, it is the most photographed spot in the world.

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