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Looking for a break? Boston can be the destination for you this year. This one-of-a-kind city in America has so much to offer you. From its history to exciting tourist spots, and the music, theater, entertainment options tops in the heart of all people coming to Boston.

But, honestly, we are here for the adventure. Some of you might not be able to relate Boston with Adventure, but going deeply this destination has so much to offer to adventure enthusiasts. And, the bright side is that you do not need to spend huge for a soul blazing activity. Even in a budget, Boston has many undiscovered outdoor activities for you to try.

So, this vacation season visits Boston with the thirst to discover more and complete your adventure bucket list. Leave happy trials and carry sweet memories to take back home.

Spots in Boston to Quench your Thirst for Adventure 

Here are some activities to try in Boston. Brag about things you did here, and let it become a forever moment for you-

  1. THE TRAPEZE SCHOOL WATERTOWN – Spot for the Performer in You

If you ever had the dream of joining a circus, then this might be your chance to show the trapeze artist in you. The Watertown is known to house an excellent Fide trapeze school which allows you great activities to boost the adrenaline rush in you. So, go out with your folks and try out the aerial arts program.

  1. Go to the F1 Boston  

Boost the racer in you. This is the ultimate competitive ground for you in Boston, where you can come along with your pals and race like never before. Throttle around in the intense corners and battle with your friends for the top ranking.

  1. Visit the Charles Rivers for some Canoeing and Kayak 

The one thing which everybody loves about the Charles River is its gorgeous urban riverways and excellent scenic views. You can come here any day and rent a kayak, paddleboard and canoe. And, trust me if you are with the right companions, you will certainly have the time of your life. Moreover, once a week you can also enjoy a BBQ feast at the Allston/ Brighton location.

  1. Go to the Boston Harbor Islands 

Did you know that you can easily visit 12 islands in Boston? And you will get there at a budget via a small ferry. The most popular island which you can visit on Spectacle Island. It allows you to view some of the greatest history exhibits, and chances for hiking, kayaking, fishing, and boating.

For mouth-watering food and historic sites, you can plan on a visit to Georges Island.

  1. Ride on a Codzilla 

Oh! You definitely cannot leave Boston without a ride on the Codzilla. Imagine the broad sky view above the glorious blue waters, the seagulls overhead and the sun shining beautifully upon you isn’t it just like living a beautiful sea dream. And, a ride on this beast at 40mph can turn your dream into a reality.

A memorable yet perfect adrenaline junkie activity.

  1. Run the Trail at the Walden Pond 

The 1.7 miles trail is going to satisfy your quest from inside out. There are only a few short hills and it ain’t super difficult to complete. Simply tag your pals along and you won’t even know where the time passed. You will be completely lost among the scenic beauty of the Walden Pond. So, do not miss out on visiting this spot.

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Embark on a satisfying journey with Alaska Airlines. Boston awaits you in all its Glory. Create incredible memories to carry and cherish for a lifetime.



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