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Getting JetBlue Airways Deals is Easier Than you Think!

JetBlue Airways is a budget friendly American carrier that aims to provide excellent aviation services to customers at extremely affordable prices. We at JetBlue have never compromised on quality, service or safety on our quest to provide the best airway deals. Our low prices and dedication to customer service has won us many accolades, and a large market share across the globe. Even though we have gone through some market slowdowns, our dedication and work-ethic helped us brave through all the difficulties and emerge as a top-player in the American Aviation sector.

Why are Flight Tickets so Expensive?

Getting a good deal on Airway tickets can be a frustrating task even for experienced travelers. There are a number of factors that influence the ticket price:

  • Travel Destination
  • Date and Time of Travel
  • Cabin Preference
  • Domestic or International Flight

Ticket prices fluctuate very often, and identifying a cheap flying day is tedious.

But here's some good news for you!

JetBlue Airways have introduced a series of deals to allow you to fly on an economical budget, and get the cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination.

What is Special about JetBlue Airways Deals?

JetBlue Airways deals are tailored to consumer interests. We always come up with innovative and exciting offers so you have a happy flying trip.

  • You don't need to visit agents, or use random ticket portals to get good offers. With JetBlue Airways Deals you can get the best discounts directly from us.
  • Our deals are not just limited to flight bookings but also cover hotel charges, car rentals and restaurant meals. We strive to make your entire trip a fascinating, exciting and rewarding experience.
  • Looking for a fun weekend get-away at a low price? JetBlue Airways Deals also include customized packages to most major tourist spots within and outside of the US.
  • While other airlines increase flight rates on festive days, we at JetBlue run special promotional campaigns to make your holiday a lot more economical.
  • It always hurts to find out that your peer paid lesser than you for the same ticket. JetBlue Airways Deals ensure that you pay the lowest possible amount for the ticket price.
  • JetBlue Airways has rightly been termed as one of the most budget-friendly airlines. None of our competitors can match our rates.
  • Flying within US? We offer incredibly low prices on domestic flights. Our domestic flights are quick, cheap, secure and efficient.

How to Track Flights?

Our flight tracking service helps you instantly locate where your JetBlue Airways flight has reached. If you're waiting for your loved ones at the airport, you can now get instant updates on your location. To track flights, you need to know to flight number and departure dates. The tracking facility can be availed via our website, or you can simply contact our customer support.

The Easiest Way to get JetBlue Airways Deals

  • Directly contact us on our helpline number +1-888-987-0001.
  • The benefit of directly contacting us is that you'll eliminate all middlemen, and ticketing exchanges trying to make an extra buck by selling you overpriced tickets.
  • Confirm your flight destination, dates and seat class with our executive.
  • In case, you are flexible with your flying date, you can fly on the day when tickets are the cheapest. Our staff will help you with this.
  • Once you confirm your flying date, our executive will offer you variety of JetBlue Airways Deals and promotions to choose from. We not only offer the lowest priced tickets, but also discounts on hotel bookings, car rentals and much more.
  • On finalizing everything, your tickets will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.

JetBlue Flash Fares

This is JetBlue's unique program, and what sets us apart from our rivals. Under Flash Fares, air tickets are sold at shockingly low rates!

  • Valentines' Day Edition: To make this Valentines' special for you and your sweetheart, we are selling one-way domestic tickets for as low as $20. Ticket sell out quick, so it is wiser to book in advance.
  • Try our Wings: This is a limited time promotional offer. When you travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can get air-fares starting at very low price of $49.
  • Warm Days: The summer is almost here. With such JetBlue Airways Deals you can get a 20% off on your base-fare on any flight ticket you book, whether international or domestic.
  • Hottest Ticket in Town: Only limited to prior JetBlue flyers. The Hottest Ticket in Town is a lottery program where you can win an entire trip to any tourist destination of your choice.

Why fly with JetBlue?

Other than offering the cheapest flight tickets, we have a variety of features to ensure full customer satisfaction:

  • Non-stop in-flight entertainment. Our entertainment screens are currently installed with 36 DirectTV channels and over a hundred channels of Sirius Radio.
  • High quality leather seats with best-in-class legroom
  • Unlimited snacks and drinks
  • Warm and friendly cabin-crew. The in-air staff is well trained to handle all your requests.
  • A specially designed bill of rights for all customers
  • TrueBlue flyer points that can be redeemed at gift shops, hotels etc
  • Round the clock customer service that can offer you unmatchable JetBlue Airways deals.
  • Instant flight booking, canceling, and rescheduling. We have a very convenient and easy way to manage all your flight related issues - from bookings to tracking.
  • User-friendly. No technical Jargon. When you talk our executives, everything is explained in clear and concise terms.

The More you Fly with Us, The Cheaper it Gets

JetBlue Airways runs a frequent flyer program for the benefit of our loyal customers. Every time you fly with us, you earn flyer points. The flyer points, also called TrueBlue points, can be used to get discounts at hotels, restaurants and even on flight bookings. Being a regular customer also provides you with access to the best JetBlue Airways Deals that ordinary customers just cannot access. So, Fly with JetBlue for the best rates, quality, service, and safety.