What Makes Indonesia the Perfect Honeymoon Getaway Destination?

Indonesia the Perfect Honeymoon Getaway Destination

Is it already time to get into a brand new life phase? Marriage – beautiful, pristine, adventurous and just a whirlwind of emotions. We don’t doubt that with the two peas in a pod, every nook and every other destination in this world can feel heavenly. But, even then people spend plenty for just a few days visit for their honeymoon. Why?

It’s obvious that no couple embarks upon a honeymoon every year, it’s just a one-time thing. You both are madly in love with each other and the spark needs the perfect spot to be celebrated. And, Indonesia can be that spot for you. This huge country is an island dream with more than 13 thousand of them across. Options the unlimited, and the only limit here is you.

Whether you are a couple who enjoys the peace, or love to indulge into adventurous activities, Indonesia has all the sides for you. So, let’s see what you choose for your honeymoon chapter.

Top 6 Majestic Places to Get Love-Lost in Indonesia

We are only listing the top 6 places in the country for your romantic getaway. These destinations are based on their attractions, popularity, lush spots, and even historic importance. Explore what and where your heart says-

  1. BALI – ‘Honestly, needs no introduction, but here we are’.


A paradise for any couple or why else would it top as the most perfect romantic spot in the world. Everything about Bali brings the utmost peace and happiness to your life. Upon visiting Bali you can crash at any of the breath-taking resorts here. Spend your day by getting near the calm river water or explore the tropical forests. In addition, the locations here are perfect for a honeymoon photoshoot, just think about it. Upon your trip here, visit the gorgeous beaches of Nusa Dua Beach, Jimbaran beach, and Seminyak Beach.

  1. MOYO ISLAND- Heaven for Adventure Enthusiasts


The purest form of nature is what you will see here. You will find the best of activities to enjoy alongside your partner such as – diving, snorkeling, and sailing and other exciting water activities. And, truth be told the island is tiny but covers well neigh for two peas in a pod.

  1. Lombok – Lie among the Peaceful Island in Indonesia


If you are looking to charm your partner then we suppose then Lambark is definitely the place for you. You can come here and spend your honeymoon at this super exciting place while detaching yourself from the entire crowd. The best parts which makes it honeymoon perfect are the mesmerizing white beaches, never-ending forests, hiking routes and of course its own charm.

Another incredible part is that you can always find yourself an affordable, private and super-relaxing resort for your stay.

  1. KOMODO ISLANDS- For the Best of Nature


What better way to spend your honeymoon rather than spending it among the stunning natural views of the Komodo Islands? Personally, I feel that nature just twirls the love around me even more. Indulge with your partner and explore the exotic beaches here. Try out new tastes and get yourself an exciting honeymoon package to have the most memorable vacation ever.

Some of the places to visit in the Komodo Islands are – Batu Bolong, Tatawa Islands, Merah Beach and of course the Pink Beach. If you aren’t interested in beaches then do not miss out on visiting the Komodo National Park.

  1. Seram Island – The Perfect Honeymoon Getaway for you!


Did you know that the Seram Island is also tagged as the ‘Little Maldives of Indonesia’? If you just learnt this fact, then we know that you now have a growing excitement to visit Seram Island, right?

And, why not? It’s an incredible honeymoon destination that allows couples to dive into new things, tastes, and cultures and create a number of unlimited memories all at a go. This island is not only perfect for the peace-loving couples, but also brings as much as happiness for the ones who love adventure. Upon coming here you can try activities like – diving, check out new places, explore your partner and hike while viewing the incredible wildlife.

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