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British Airways Multi-City Vacations

Do you wish to see 2, 3 or even 4 countries on your next trip? We at British Airways believe in making your travel a truly memorable experience. With our Multi-city vacation packs, you can give wings to your dreams.

You can fly to Paris for a weekend, check out the Eiffel tower and right away hop on the next plane to UK, grab a beer and chill at a pub. After seeing these countries, you either continue your adventure to Scotland via car or flight or just head back home.

You can make Multi-City British Airways Flights bookings in 3 easy steps:

  • Choose and secure your holiday plan with a small deposit
  • Select from extensive range of holiday destinations, hotels, sight-seeing spots and much more
  • Stay in constant touch with our customer service to manage all your bookings

British Airways: The Past and Present

  • British Airways was born through a merger of 2 companies: British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways.
  • Previously state-owned, the company was privatized in 1987.
  • The current headquarters of British Airways is in London.
  • British Airways Flights cover over 180 destinations across the globe.
  • In 2011, British Airways fused with Spanish Airways to form International Airlines Groups.

As of today, British is the flag carrier of United Kingdom. With a fleet-size of over 270 aircrafts, the company is also the largest in UK's aviation sector. It is listed on both London Stock Exchange and the top 100 indexes by FTSE.

British Airways Cabin Service

To cater to all kinds of customer needs, we have introduced a wide-range of cabins, from the ultra-luxurious, World Traveler Plus, to the more budget-friendly, Euro Traveler class.

The Euro Traveler Class

Ideal for budget conscious travelers, the euro class is the most British Airways economy class cabin. It is available on all flights to Europe and UK. Free in-flight snacks, latest magazines, USB charging spots, and non-alcoholic drinks are provided.

In-case you need buy something specific to eat or drink, you'll have to pay extra charges for it. You can also buy using your frequent flyer miles.

Club Europe - Business Class

Designed for customers looking for business class travel on short haul flights, the Club Europe Business class is available on British Airways Flights to Europe, and UK. The aircrafts are narrow-body and seat passengers in 2-2 ratio. Pillows and blankets are also provided for flights longer than 2 hours. In-flight entertainment is only available on select flights. USB headphones are available on flights with IFEs.

Long Haul: First Class

A very premium class designed for customers looking for a luxurious flying experience. Each cabin is fitted with a bed, a 15-inch entertainment screen and in-seat power. First class customers also get access to business class lounges where pre-flight dinner with waiter service is also available.

World Traveler Plus

This is the most premium cabin on British Airways Flights. Offered only on A380, B747, B777, and B787 aircrafts, the World Traveler Plus has all the features one can wish for!

The World Traveler Plus is fitted lie-flat seats, custom dining options, personal TV screens and much more.

British Airways Flights Check-in Service

Our check-in service opens 24 hours before the flying date. The check-in can be done via web, manually at the airport or through our customer service division.

If you do the check-in online, you should print the boarding pass and bring it along with you to the airport. Alternatively, you can do a manual flight check-in at the airport itself.

We always recommend our customers to contact us for check-ins. When you contact us, we will mail you your check-in details and also let you select a seat of your choice without any extra charges.

British Airways Disability and Mobility Services

We take all necessary precautions to take proper care of individuals with any kind of disability or mobility issues. Our cabin crew, experienced in hospitability, are well-trained to handle all sorts of medical issues.

We request you to call our customer care before boarding British Airways Flights, in case you have any medical concerns.

We offer the following medical help:

  • Personal wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • Our crew will personally escort you the flight
  • Special provisions for assistant pets.

Once you board our plane, our crew can:

  • Escort you to and from the washrooms
  • Help you familiarize yourself with the surrounding
  • Provide you with a seat of your choice if possible
  • Help you with meals

In case of medical emergency, all British Airways flights are equipped with emergency medical services. Our flight crew is trained in basic medical care.

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Safety Parameters: All British Airways aircrafts undergo regular servicing, and rigorous health check-ups. Our planes are equipped with tried and test emergency evacuation systems, and all our pilots have at least over a decade of experience.

Dedicated Customer Helpline: All your British Airways flights can be booked, cancelled, rescheduling and managed from our helpline. Contact our customers anytime you want, we're always available for you.

Special Travel Packages: We launch a series of easy and affordable travel packs for every festive occasion. The travel packs take care of all your travel needs, from hotel bookings to cab rentals. Besides that, we offer British Airways Deals on all early-bird bookings.