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History: American Airlines was founded in 1926 and is among the oldest airline service providers in the market. With over 90 years of experience in aviation, American Airlines has passed through testing times and now stands out as Top Airline Service Provider in the USA. We are consistently working to maintain American airlines flight status.
We are rapidly expanding our network of flights, with more than 6700 flights per day to over 350 destinations.
The American airlines flights operate in 10 major hubs:
• Charlotte
• Chicago Hare
• Dallas/Fort Worth
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• New York- JFK
• Philadelphia
• Washington- National
American Airlines also has joint ventures with British Airways and Japan Airlines.

Why Choose American Airlines?

When you choose American Airlines, you enjoy an experience beyond traditional airlines. We’ve partnered with various groups to offer you an exceptional flying experience. Some of our notable customer benefits include:
• Priority check-in
• Preferred/pre-reserved seating
• Special American Airlines Deals
• Waitlist/standby priority available
• Access to Luxurious lounges
• Priority boarding
• Priority baggage handling
• Expedited security
• Exclusive American airlines flight deals

American Airlines Deals and Promotions

Flight tickets constitute a major chunk of your travel budget. When booking tickets, the first thing most people check is the price. American Airlines offers special promotions and discounts to make your travel economical and budget-friendly.
Summer Special: Starting from the month of April, we offer a big discount on vacation packages to weekend summer getaways such as Hawaii or Jamaica.
Flash Sale: Every month we host flash sales where you can get up to 50% off on domestic flights.
Student Offers: Aimed at making travel affordable for college and school students, American Airlines Deals offers hefty discounts to US students flying overseas.
Go-Gulf: Planned to travel to the Middle East? Now explore exotic Gulf countries with American Airlines. Our Go Gulf program will make your trip a lifetime experience.

How to Get Best American Airlines Deals?

Our team is dedicatedly working to make travel easier for our customers. We understand how crucial a role airfare plays in your travel plans.
To lessen the burden on our customers and allow them to enjoy a stress-free vacation, we’re always doing special promotions.
We have made it extremely simple to get big discounts on airfare:
1. Place a call to our customer service executive @ +1-888-987-0001 and find cheap flights.
2. Share your travel details with your executive
3. Our executive will immediately get back to you with on-going American Airlines Deals, ticket prices, and flight details.
Getting discounted air tickets is easier than ever. What are you waiting for, plan your dream travel trip with American Airlines today!

American Airline 49-Dollar Deals

 We are redefining what cheap air ticket means. Don’t let a tight budget ruin your travel plans. We at American Airlines have introduced a special promotional offer for domestic flights.
In just 49 dollars, you can travel to most major locations within the US. Want to travel from Sacramento to Las Vegas? How about Orlando to Atlanta? Contact our customer representative and ask for 49-dollar American Airlines Deals on domestic flights.

American Airline Cargo Facilities

Need a shipment delivered on a priority basis? American Air PPS service has made importing and exporting cargo fast, efficient and reliable. We offer pro-active monitoring, fastest transit time and up to 100% money back on Cargo loss.

Transporting Animals on American Airlines Flight

We help our customers transport their pets anywhere across the world. We work to provide the highest level of safety and take proper measures for on-air pet care. Every flight has a limited number of seats for pets. With American Airlines Deals, you can book a ticket for your pet at heavily discounted rates.

American Airline Trip Insurance

When traveling overseas, you should be prepared for all eventualities. We have partnered with Allianz Global to offer you insurance plans designed for your specific needs.
Our insurance plans fall in 3 categories:
• Single Trip Plan
• Multi-trip Plan
• Annual Plans
Our insurance plans cover everything from flight cancellations to unexpected medical expenses. If you want to inquire about the available American Airlines Deals on an insurance plan, contact our customer executive on +1-888-987-0001.

Customer Loyalty Program

Flying regularly with American Airlines is very beneficial. As you accumulate air-miles, your value as a customer grows exponentially. You can spend accumulated air-miles on our gift shops and air ticket booking to your dream destination.

Manage Your Entire Trip at One Stop

Our customer support executives will help you manage your entire travel, from flight bookings to cancellation, from rescheduling to deals.

Last Minute air ticket Booking

Didn’t you plan your travel in advance? Need to book your ticket at the last minute? You may have noticed how ticket prices surge as the flight date nears. American Airlines Deals guarantee the best fare on last-minute bookings. Feel free to compare our prices with our competitors – bet you won’t find a better deal.

Custom Travel Packages

American Airlines offers customized travel packages that take care of your entire trip from flight tickets to hotel bookings. Our plans can be customized according to individual needs. When you buy our travel plan, you don’t need to worry about anything. Our executives will manage the entire trip for you, and be in constant touch with you.
With American Airline Deals on travel packages, you can avail big discounts on most major tourist destinations

American Airline Corporate Benefits

American Airlines has introduced a Business Extra feature to reduce travel costs for both small and big businesses. The program is free to join and has the following added advantages:

  • Reduced Travel Costs: You earn points every time your employee flies with us. You can use these points to upgrade your ticket status, lower your airfare or buy special in-flight privileges.
  • Admirals Club Membership: You and all your employees get immediate membership to the AA Admirals club. The membership will allow you to attend exclusive AA events, and get early bird access to all American Airlines Deals.

The AA Advantage

Launched in 1981, AA (American Airlines) Advantage is the company’s very own frequent-flyer program. The program has over 65 million registered members. The miles you gather when traveling with American Airlines can be spent on car rentals, hotel bookings, merchandise and much more.
On crossing the 5,000 miles threshold you’re rewarded with exciting American Airline Deals including a one-way ticket price redemption.

Booking made easy with American airlines flight booking:

Still buried under debt and can’t travel. Don’t worry dial-up at +1-888-987-0001 for American airlines cheap tickets.

Questions that might need some answers?

You can avail different deals and benefits of promotions by contacting American airlines customer care number @ +1-888-987-0001.

Prices of tickets vary according to many variable and can only be answered to case per case. Contact us at American Airlines Phone Number @ +1-888-987-0001 to get your quotes.

We fly to a multitude of tropical places. The answer to this question depends on many variables. Our representative will be able to guide you better according to your needs. Dial us up at +1-888-987-0001.

You can choose from over hundreds of destinations that we fly to. Dial us up at our phone number @ +1-888-987-0001 to get a more detailed answer.

There is no specific answer to this question. We provide a variety of deals and promotional offers that you can enjoy. To know more contact American Airline Number @ +1-888-987-0001.

Deals and promotions vary according to the seasons please contact American Airlines Customer Care for more details @ +1-888-987-0001.

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